“For Sale in Texas Only”

California, France, Australia and Argentina all produce great wine and are all known for being great destinations for wine related tourism. The Texas Hill Country is an up and coming destination for wine tourism and has seen rapid growth in the past 10 years. There is one huuuuuge difference between Texas and established wine regions around the world. Many Texas wineries make most if not all of their wine from grapes which were NOT grown in Texas. Texas will never be respected as a producer of quality wine until it stops this practice of misleading Texas wine consumers. According to federal law a wine produced anywhere in the USA may choose not to indicate the origin of the grapes if that wine is sold only within the state in which it was produced. Hence, “For Sale in Texas Only”. There is much contention currently within the wine industry in Texas. Many Texas wineries are now advocating for 100% Texas wine and doing all they can to spread the word to consumers about the difference between Texas wine and wine “For Sale in Texas Only”.

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