Texas Davis Mountains AVA

The Texas Davis Mountains AVA was established in 1998 based on petition from Maymie Nelda Weisbach. The entire area contains approximately 270,000 acres located in Jeff Davis County, Texas. The elevation ranges from 4,500’ to 8,300’ above sea level. The Davis Mountains were created about 35 million years ago by the same volcanic thrust that formed the front range of the Rockies. The mountains are composed of granitic, porphrytic and volcanic rocks, as well as limestones of various ages. The cover story in “Texas,” the Houston Chronicle Magazine, for June 2, 1996, titled “High mountain vistas, driving the 73-mile loop around the Davis Mountains” by Leslie Sowers, described the viticultural area as a “mountain island — that is cooler, wetter, and more biologically diverse than the vast plains of the Chihuahua desert that surround it.” The article went on to note that the Davis Mountains receive 20 inches of rainfall a year, contrasted with 10 inches a year in the surrounding desert.

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