ALTAIR VR bounty – 2747 participants!

We increase the rewards for — Signatures, Facebook, Twitter, Content!

On December 21th we have started our bounty campaign. One month has passed since the launch and we’ve decided to tell you about our interim results. 3% of tokens were provided for bounty campaign distribution (sold*2).

Remember, that Altair VR is VR Encyclopedia project that creates the standarts in education and scientific understanding of World!

We had the next budget distribution into bounty campaign:

We’ve got 2747 requests in the following proportions:

Signature — 84

Translation — 141

Twitter — 1023

Facebook — 753

Telegram — 555

Content (article, blog, videos)- 91

Bug search — 30

Personal tasks — 70

Meanwhile, we’ve decided to lower the price 2.5 times because of the ether price increase. Our goal is to get back to hard cap approximately $50М. At the same time, according to opinion of our advisers we’ve changed the tokens emission — from 100M to 1000M with 10 times token price reduction. Thus, now we have 10 times more tokens but the price is 25 times lower. From the dollar value standpoint — nothing has changed.

After analyzing our campaign, we’ve highlighted a number of trends:

- Most of the members were attracted from Facebook and Twitter;

- Members did not like and understand Personal tasks campaign, almost all requests were pointless;

- Less members want to participate in Signature campaign after seeing 20% reward, though the total budget of bounty is 3% ( not 2 as it usually is). The percent of tokens for this campaign is the same as for the other ones.

- Translations, Content — work great

- Bug search — did not start yet

We’ve also decided to change the structure of bounty campaign following our user preferences as follows:

Stop Personal tasks.

Proportions of Personal tasks are going to be divided in the following way:

Add 5% to Facebook and Twitter campaigns;

Add 15% to Signature campaign;

Add 5% to Content campaign.

If some users want to take part in Personal tasks, no matter of fact that campaign was stopped, they can ask us directly and we will find the ways for mutually beneficial cooperation individually.

The new distribution table looks like this:

Bounty campaign is going to last until tokensale end, you have enought time! Do not hesitate to take part especially when the basic rewards were increased!