Distribution control system. Part 2

2 weeks ago wewrote about Fulldome.LIVE content protection system that allows to control fulldome shows sales. This time we would like to talk about new updates that we have released.

We think every content producer wants to know not only the sales statistics but also more detailed information about displays of his shows. It lets him understand how often and how many people watch the show and how popular the show is. Sounds good, right?

So, we decided to bring it to live and make the content distribution more clear than ever.

We are introducing an extended displays statistics. It allows each content producer to monitor every show session. Let’s see how it works.

We’ve added a new section in your personal account. Now you can monitor the date and time of each show session and even the number of VR glasses that was active in this session. So you can easily monitor your show life cycle and popularity.

We’ve developed new API for Fulldome.LIVE statistics service and have also updated client software. So now our VR Planetarium software collects all information about each session and save it locally. And after connecting to the server this information is copied to our database and displayed in statistics.

You may test how Fulldome.LIVE works. Just use:

Website: analytics.altair.fm
Login: demo
Pass: demo

At the moment Fulldome.LIVE analytics system works only with VR Planetarium franchise. But after we’ll finish all tests it will be moved to Altair VR Encyclopedia ecosystem and integrated to blockchain.