US Virtual Encyclopedia franchise is coming!

Remember we told you that our next goal is to sell our Virtual Encyclopedia franchise abroad? So we did one more huge step in this direction!

Recently our partner from introduced us to Alex DePaso, CEO and founder of Global Franchise Exchange, who has 20 years experience in launching franchise in the USA and China.

The main topic of discussion was the ability of launching our Virtual Encyclopedia business model in America and China. Finally, we’ve got the answer on the question that we were so concerned about from the real expert!

US Virtual Encyclopedia franchise is coming!

Alex believes that our business model is well suited for country under consideration — it will be working good on the American market. We decided it would be better to start with the US and then to sell in China too.

As a result, we keep discussing our next steps with Global Franchise Exchange and working on launching Virtual Encyclopedia franchise with saving its main advantage — territory exclusiveness for every partner on the definite state.

Follow the news, it’s going to be hot soon!

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