About Augmentors

Augmentors bring a new dimension to the world of gaming. Now for the first time you can take your gaming to the next level and summon your gaming creatures into the real world! Backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain, you can truly own your creatures and carry them with you and battle to be the best Creature Trainer in true augmented reality!
Trade, swop, battle, train and you could take your place as one of the Destined! All creatures and relics are backed by a Counterparty Token that runs on the Bitcoin Blockchain!


The end goal of the Augmentors game is to be a cross platform (iOS & Android) augmented reality game that allows users to summon creatures into the real world to battle against your enemies and foes.

50 uniquely created creatures

A collection of 50 uniquely created creatures (Augmentors) will be 3D modelled with their own unique attacks/ spells and movements. Each Augmentor has their own story, they come from different backgrounds and they possess their own special characteristics.

Choose your Augmentor

In the beginning of the game, you will be greeted with the option of choosing one of five starter Augmentors to begin your journey into becoming one of the Destined.

Once you have chosen your Augmentor, you are well on your way to start battling against players from across the globe. Going against friends or foes, you will be in control of your Augmentors attacks, spells, relics and potions during each battle. Defeat your opponents to level up your Augmentor through the different ranks (Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Hero/ Villain & God). 
The more you battle, the stronger your Augmentor becomes and a better Creature Tamer you become.

Player modes

Besides the multiplayer battle function of the game, there will also be a single-player story mode. This sends players on the journey to either help the Bello Realm or destroy it. Players have the ultimate choice of fighting against or joining Dark Rhule and his Shadowmentors.

How the story unfolds

Different scenarios will unfold based on the side you choose. Your creature will gain experience, level up, unlock new skin and gain relics during story mode too. More on the story of Augmentors can be found in our first blog post here.

How to obtain Relics

Relics are unique pieces of equipment that give your Augmentor a boost. Obtaining these relics is done by competing in special Boss Battles, purchasing them through the store or trading for them.


Each creature will also have their own unique interchangeable skins that can either be won, traded for or bought at limited times only.

Backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain

Assets are backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain, allowing players of Augmentors to truly own their assets within or outside the game. We have future plans to integrate our creature assets with other like-minded counterparty compatible games and vice versa. This will allow our player’s Augmentors to cross over into other realms to be used in a range of different compelling storylines.


In order to make Augmentors a reality, we need you to support our campaign to crowdfund $1M to drive the game’s development. When you buy Augmentors’ unique currency, Databits (DTB), with Bitcoin, you become a supporter of the game. You also get rewarded with the game’s unique in-game currency while supporting the game’s development.

It’s a win-win situation and you can then use your Databits to purchase your own creatures and game items. There will be further rewards of rare, one-of-a-kind creatures that will only be available during our sale.