Chain of Points — Transforming Loyalty Into Rewards

Chain of Points (POINTS)
Transforming Loyalty Into Rewards


Digital currency is creating new ways for people to store and exchange value. Using blockchain technology it is now possible to redefine the loyalty economy which can have a tremendous positive impact for both businesses and consumers globally. Chain of Points is a dedicated digital currency designed to address the current problems faced by the loyalty industry.

Chain of Points creates new loyalty methods for businesses.

Chain of Points creates new reward incentives for consumers.

Chain of Points is… Modernizing the rewards industry.

Chain of Points unlocks the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize loyalty programs. Loyalty programs represent a multibillion dollar industry and the consumer enrollment is steadily increasing, while the actual participation and loyalty redemption is dropping significantly. To bridge this imbalance, Chain of Points is introducing the POINTS token.

Chain of Points For Business:
POINTS is a blockchain-based token that provides a simple and flexible solution to Merchants and Customers in loyalty rewards space. Merchants need turn-key and inexpensive loyalty programs to retain and grow their customer base, while Customers are looking for liquidity and one-button solutions to all their reward programs. Chain of Points provides a turnkey platform powered by the Chain of Points Blockchain that transforms any rewards program into an effective Loyalty tool.

Chain of Points For Consumers:

All-in-one digital solutions are becoming significantly more appealing to Consumers, as compared to the various existing loyalty card programs. The usability, small implementation cost, along with the comprehensive and accessible free market (inherent in a decentralized system such as Chain of Points) makes this solution very attractive to small and home business owners. A powerful API also helps make Chain of Points com- patible with the more sophisticated workflow of medium-sized and big businesses. The Chain of Points provides Customer satisfaction by providing liquidity of their rewards, and tailored loyalty.

The Chain of Points difference…

POINTS incorporates cryptocurrency functionality programmed to act as the technical backbone of the loyalty and gift card industries. These to- kens can be used to promise, redeem, and transfer rewards from Merchant to Customer, Customer to Customer, and even Merchant to Merchant. The comprehensive cryptographic workings native to the Chain of Points blockchain also offer ways to fully and flexibly create gift cards, tokens, and even general legal contracts by using our own easy-to-understand language for implementing Ricardian Contracts. A Delegated Proof-of-Stake-based consensus algorithm is used to validate transactions in the network, mak- ing the system truly scalable and on a par with the transaction speeds of established financial services such as VISA.

Chain of Points Technology
Chain of Points leverages digital currency while transforming loyalty into rewards that are easier, better and more cost effective for everyone.

Chain of Points has created tradable tokens called POINTS. POINTS are built using blockchain technology, offering a solution that anyone can understand and use in a matter of minutes. POINTS provide a stable and scalable solution that benefits the producers and companies (hereafter referred to as Merchants) as well as their Customers.

Chain of Points is designed to be a speedy and lightweight solution that would allow businesses to focus on their goals, and let the technology function under the hood. This is why we employ a new and promising Delegated Proof-of-Stake-based blockchain validation algorithm. One reason for this cutting-edge design choice is that the algorithm can handle at least as many transactions per second as NASDAQ claims on average. So if you decide to use Chain of Points, you can bet it will be a smooth experience.

A maximum of 100,000,000 POINTS will be in circulation. 30% of those POINTS will be pre-mined. Out of those, 21 million will be offered in an Initial Crowd Sale.

Chain of Points with its POINTS token has created a turn-key, universally adapt- able Loyalty Rewards system that can be simply implemented for any size business. Liquidity and ability to trade POINTS provides an unprecedented solution to Mer- chants and Customers implementing Loyalty Rewards programs.

Businesses wishing to stay ahead of their competition must must primarily use their resources in a smart way. Instead of wasting time and money building classical loyalty programs which are fundamentally unsuited to younger generations, invest it in furthering your main goals, and let Chain of Points handle loyalty altogether.

Join the Chain of Points community and join the new way of transforming loyalty into rewards.

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Chain of Points Community

We want to welcome as many people to the Chain of Points community as we can. Part of this effort is to allow people to earn POINTS as rewards such as bounties. We are offering the following reward bounties:

Signature campaign thread:

Translation Bounties: 1000 POINTS per language
Article Bounties: 1000 POINTS per approved post

More rewards will be announced very soon. Bounty POINTS will be available at the end of the pre-sale period when tokens become available.

We will be replying to bounty inquiries in the order they are received.

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