Album, what album, it’s all about playlists now.

Steaming services have totally changed how I listen to music. As much as I had resisted it, now I love it.

I still remember the first couple of months of using Spotify, I listen on an album basis, which means I would open the App, go to an album and hit play. I resisted the idea of playlist, and was creating “album playlists” which is technically not a real playlist.

Two years later, it’s the opposite now. I still click “save” when a new album I’m interested comes out, but find myself seldom checking the album section. Instead, I go to all the playlists, scroll down, find one and hit play. There are lists for different mood. Wanna relax, or concentrate, or work out, anything, there’s a list for that. And there’s genre based playlists as well. Or, new songs, old songs, anything you need, there’s a list for that.

What’s the point of playing an album? I simply don’t.

I don’t try to discover new music through the form of an album, I discover new playlists that suites me, or sometimes certain particular song. So I automatically care less about albums or even the identity of an artists. But, I do care more about music now, or at least, I listen to way much more new music that I enjoyed and haven’t been able to discover before, which is amazing.

If this is how we are going to listen to music, how we’re going to discover new music, I find it to be great. And if this means the importance of the idea of an album is making way for playlist, so be it.

As an indie artist myself, I wouldn’t love the idea that artist identity could become less important in the future, but if more people are enjoying new music they themselves didn’t know they would enjoy, this, doesn’t sound that bad after all.

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