The American Epidemic

According to research approximately 74% of Americans are overweight compared to just 45% in 1970, also 1 in 3 children is overweight or obese. This is a problem so massive that it seems incredible to me that more is not being done to reverse it. Obesity is a silent killer that is literally killing our kids each and every day. We are setting up the next generation for failures so great that we should be ashamed of ourselves.

We claim to love our kids and do anything to protect them and we can say this with a straight face while handing them a slice of pizza or a Twinkie. This is a problem and we are here to change it! Not only for the kids but for the adults as well! This is a problem that stems not only from a lack of discipline but in many cases from a lack of knowledge. Over the course of our studies we have learned alarming facts about nutrition and the foods that we so naturally consume that we are desperate to make a change and spread a message of health, vitality, and strength.

Altitude Fitness is dedicated to spreading the message of fitness and healthy living in order to promote a healthier society that will live longer, more productive lives! Because let’s face it, the single most important factor in life is health. Without health nothing else matters! Bank accounts, cars, homes, and toys mean little when your diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes. It is the building block for success and everything else stems from there! So we want to give 3 quick tips that you can implement today to improve your health and that of your family!

  1. Ditch the Dairy — Did you know that 80% of cows used in to produce dairy products are terminally ill with the human equivalent of Leukemia! How about the fact that these cows are fed corn which is not their natural food and causes a whole slew of problems. Or the fact that in order to contain these diseases they are pumped with antibiotics! Pasteurized and homogenized milk is one of the foods that must be avoided at all costs (we will get into this topic further in a future post).
  2. A Gallon A Day — Water is the element that brings life to all living things! Without it we cannot function properly and our body is placed in a horrible predicament! Research shows that 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. We simply do not drink water in our society! We seem to drink everything else except water! I get it, why would you drink that flavorless stuff when you have Cherry Coke, or Mountain Dew? We are bombarded by juices and sodas which are loaded with sugar and have little to no nutritional value! Drinking a gallon of water a day is tough but boy is it worth it! This will help flush out your system of harmful toxins and allow your body to work much more smoothly! The easiest way to do this is to buy a regular 32 oz. Gatorade bottle and simply drink 4 of those a day! It takes some determination but it is not that hard and the benefits are enormous!
  3. Sleep Sleep Sleep — Sleep is overrated right? There is so much to do and much to watch on TV that sleep is really not that necessary! I mean let’s face it who actually gets 8 hours of sleep a day!? Well let me tell you, you should if you want to live a long life! People between the ages of 18 and 55 need 8 hours of sleep! You hear all sorts of theories about this but the bottom line is the body needs 8 hours. Just like an iPhone needs about 4 hours to reach full charge from 0%, the body needs 8 hours to recover as well! Lack of sleep can cause so many issues in the body due to the lack of essential hormones that the body secretes during the sleep cycle. I have found that the best schedule for me is an 11 pm to 7 am schedule. Whatever you do, find one that fits you and make it a priority! Especially if you are in the gym!

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