Best Ways to Reduce Costs In AWS

Jan 14 · 2 min read

According to Gartner, without cloud cost optimization, businesses could be overspending by more than 70% in the cloud.

But what’s the best ways to reduce costs in AWS? According to our cloud experts, there are six things you can do to help improve your infrastructure while freeing up spend for other business initiatives.

Utilize a Tagging Strategy

Tagging allows you to separate and differentiate costs by a product or service, allowing you to see the differences in usage. Managing tags can keep accounts in order and identify services that may need optimizing.

Have a Reserved & Spot Instances Strategy

Reserved and Spot instances can be valuable financial instruments to maintaining a low AWS spend. Having a reserved instance strategy allows you to cut costs by planning for your architectural needs upfront. Utilizing Spot Instances enable you to run heavy stateless workloads while paying a fraction of the cost.

Monitor Cost Trends

Certain cost trends are indicators of cloud architecture patterns that can lead to cost concerns. Knowing what these look like upfront can prevent long-term cost consequences.

Look at Cost vs. Utilization

Without automation, it can be easy to commit errors like horizontal and vertical scaling, which ultimately result in using the wrong resources or not having the right resources for the right price. By tracking your utilization and turning off old instances, you can find simple ways to save on wasted resources.

Examine Cost Ratios

Cost ratios are dependent on your environment, but can be a valuable way to gain insight into the health and efficiency of your infrastructure. Ratios show where optimization may be valuable and where a change in strategy might be necessary.

Following our six steps provides immediate impact by offering valuable insight into your current costs and give you areas to optimize.

Ready to optimize your AWS cloud costs today? Whether you’re looking to the cloud for innovation, agility, cost savings, operational efficiency, or all the above, we know you want to do it right. Get in touch today learn more about AWS architecture and console best practices and speak with one of our cloud analysts.

We’d love to share more about how we helped customers like Resolver Group reduce their monthly AWS bill by up to 55%.

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Posted by Mohammed Abubakar, Founder | Twitter: @moh_abk


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