What To Look Out For At AWS re:Invent 2019

Nov 28 · 2 min read

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner and it’s BIGGER than ever.

Every year re:Invent gets bigger, and 2019 will be no exception! The sheer scale of it all can be daunting so it’s always a good idea plan ahead and pick out some key activities and sessions of interest if you are heading to Vegas.

There will be an outrageous number of new releases and announcements as usual from new customer focused products to enhancements for existing services.


As always AWS CEO Andy Jassy kicks things off on Tuesday morning to talk customers, products and services. On Thursday Amazon.com CTO Werner Vogels talks about technical developments and investments that Amazon is making.


Machine Learning

Marketing folks call it AI.

AWS has made a huge push in getting AI to the hands of the general public with the release of services like Amazon Personalize, Amazon Rekognition etc. to compete with offerings from the current AI King Google. AWS is spending significant investment to compete in this area so expect the list of services to keep growing.


Look Ma, No servers!

Serverless is becoming more and more mainstream as organizations start to realise it’s benefits and overcome it’s challenges. The future of IT is certainly moving towards this paradigm so expect to hear major stories of transformation and new feature releases.


We’re free in 3… 2… 1!

With Amazon now fully migrated away from Oracle Databases, expect to see a lot of press around this and hopefully some insight into how they accomplished the move.

High Performance Computing

It’s all about the FLOPS!

HPC allows organisations to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. With Google’s recent breakthrough in Quantum Computing expect other companies such as AWS to be interested in staking their claim also.


The team here at AltoStack thought really hard about what they would want AWS to announce, below are the more sane ones;

  • Cross account AWS Backups
  • Standardized EC2 AMI builder
  • Cross region Transit Gateway


We’re excited about the breadth of new opportunities to innovate as well as the growth of AWS services and can’t wait to hear and get our hands on all the amazing new products and features that’ll be announced!

At AltoStack, we leverage the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help enterprise and scale-up organisations innovate and grow by providing a much more efficient, fast, secure and simple way to adopt DevOps & Cloud Native Computing.

Our full spectrum of digital transformation and cloud services allow you to take the first steps of your Cloud and DevOps journey and accelerate your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Posted by Mohammed Abubakar, Founder | Twitter: @moh_abk


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