Change of Plan
Allison Washington

I remain openly and fiercely trans for a number of reasons. While “passibility” is a factor, I find the value of the friends and family I’ve built up over the years to be more valuable to me than the idea of fitting neatly into societal norms. That’s not to say there’s not value there, there absolutely is (especially as a TWOC).

But ultimately, there’s another factor, perhaps most important. I was “activated” by exposure to the simple existence of trans people, by discovering that there was more to it than corrective surgeries, and by discovering that there are people who happily exist at all points in the spectrum between the binary points (and outside them). If I can be that exposure that helps one other trans person find their true self, well, I’d call that a success.

Now I’m not saying this is your path. You clearly have some reservations and concerns about safety, and we value that. I have no stake in your decision to come out publicly, girl, I’ll love ya either way, but I do see the potential value to others, both within and outside of our community. The question is, which do YOU find to be the side of the equation with more value to YOU. If you can figure that out, I think you’ll have your answer. ❤