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The interview marathon continues, if you haven’t read my previous post, you can find it here and read it first.

Yelp (London)

Because of a reference from someone working in-house, I got an online assessment directly. The problem was easy, “Try to implement a comparator so that we can sort an array consists of some objects based on some specific rules”. I received positive feedback after 8 days which was very sluggish to be honest.

Next was a phone interview, after a brief chat, I started to solve the coding question “Given an integer array and a target, find a combination of integers so that it can be aggregated to the target, you can use each integer arbitrarily”. The brutal force way of using Depth-First-Search might be coming into your mind easily, and if the target isn’t so large, you can also try a dynamic programming approach. …

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It has been almost 4 years since I joined the current company, but things are quite different from the old beginning days. So I think it’s time to search for new opportunities.

Here are some interview experiences with technology companies I tried during the last several months, hope it gives you some help if you are seeking a new job too.

Booking (Amsterdam)

I applied for this job via its website directly, the role was titled as a software engineer which would be focusing on payment system development, but the recruiter said it also needed some management skills.

I passed an online assessment on HackRank which was composed of 4 easy-level coding rounds, then I failed on a phone call with the recruiter. He asked a lot of behavior questions, such as “How to solve the conflicts between team members? Why Booking?”. To be honest, I didn’t prepare well for those questions at that time, so this failure didn’t surprise me, but it really reminded me of the importance on answering those questions, it’s not quite good enough to only give an unclear feedback, you should give some examples exactly. …

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