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U.S. Alumni TIES are regionally-focused gatherings for U.S. alumni of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs. Participants join together to explore issues of shared value, receive training, and collaborate with fellow alumni to implement small projects in local communities. Through the follow-on grants initiative, alumni have the opportunity to take action and make a positive difference in local communities following each seminar. U.S. Alumni TIES is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State. To learn more about this program, please visit the International Exchange Alumni website at http://www.alumni.state.gov/

Participants in U.S. Alumni TIES will be encouraged to submit blog posts for the U.S. Alumni TIES Medium page highlighting their time at the seminar, their small grant projects, and other relevant themes from their experience. U.S. Alumni TIES will also use this space to spotlight projects that receive small grants funding following each seminar. Small grants of up to $10,000 are awarded to teams of alumni who develop a local project that addresses a need along the theme of their seminar.

To see what our global alumni have done with their small grants, please visit https://alumnities.tumblr.com/

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