2015: A Year In Review

In a whole, 2015 was an extremely positive year for me. This time 2014 I was worried about how this year would turn out and where I would end up. I’m happy to say that this was potentially one of the best years of my life. At the start of 2015 I set out with the goal to be a successful company owner and in my perception, I have achieved that. This entire year has been based around YouTube networks, I have owned a few in order to gain experience and this has been very effective throughout this year. As we continue 2015 and enter 2016 I am continuously losing interested in the industry, however I intend to stay determined and slowly move onto other ventures. I have a few ideas and have conducted some market research, the majority of this year will be researching the industry and how I want to achieve my goals. This should be launching by September 2016 however delays may vary.

To be honest I find resolutions pointless. People never follow through with them. In actual fact, I don’t think that having a resolution this year will benefit me. I have goals and achievements that I wish to hit however labeling those goals with a “new years resolution” tag often turns them into instant failures. I intend to delve deeper into the YouTube, development and marketing industry and be somewhat successful in that venture. That, being an extremely broad statement, is my main goal I hope to achieve in 2016. Although there are many different definitions to a successful network owner, I think I have a fairly good idea about where I want to be.

To conclude, I wish everyone reading this a happy new year. I have a feeling this year will be the best of them all.

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