Creators can now revoke MCN access from their channel

YouTube has recently launched its new policy regarding unlinking from MCNs

[!!!!!!!!] Before initiating the process to remove MCN access, please review your contract terms and reach out to your MCN with questions. If you’re an affiliate creator and believe your contract allows you to do so, you can initiate the process to remove MCN access from your channel.

Between December 2016 and July 2017, YouTube is rolling out a feature update to the unlinking button to provide more flexibility to creators in determining who has access to manage their revenue, content, and data on YouTube.

Removing MCN access to your channel means your payments will no longer flow through the MCN, and the MCN will no longer be able to see your analytics and manage your content.

After removing your MCN’s access, you will have to wait 30 days to be unlinked, just like the old process. YouTube provides the creator and MCN 30 days to ensure contractual obligations are being met prior to access being removed. The 30-day wait period also ensures that if a creator changes his/her mind, he/she has time to cancel access removal.

For more on this new update, you can visit this help center article.

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