TQM In My Daily Life Routine

Total quality management is very helpful not only in professional life but in personal life as well. It also helps in removing the useless activities in our life and help in improving one’s life.


Due to the tough routine and house’s chores it was very tough for me to clean my cupboard. Everything was messed up in my cupboard that was taking time to find a single thing from there. I have been studying TQM that is very helpful in managing thing and maintain them in less time so I applied 5s housekeeping in cleaning my cupboard.

Sorting: I first sort out my clothes, perfumes and bags.

Example: Clothes wear on wedding or daily basis, embroided dress and single

Self-Arrangement: I arranged them according to their use.

Example: Put daily wears in the first portion than my perfumes and bags and in the last portion I put my fancy dress.

Spic And Span: After self-arrangement I disposed of the useless clothes or bags and throw the empty bottle of perfumes.

Standardize: After arranging and cleaning them, I set a procedure to follow every day to maintain the tidiness.

Example: I should put the daily wear in first portion and so on.

Self-Discipline: I follow the standard in arranging the cupboard and have weekly check on cleanliness.


My mother met an infection in her leg in the end of January and she went on bed rest. As I am the only female in my house after my mother, so I have to do house’s chores because doctor strictly forbidden my mother to walk or work for one month. In the beginning of the February, our new semester had started and it was causing difficulties for me to manage between my studies and house’s chores.

It was a hard time for me as my studies was effected and I could not serve properly my mother properly. I made a check list to do chores in a day so I can study and complete my assignments. I divide the work to do in a day and number of chapters or assignment to complete in a day in a checklist and hang this checklist on my room’s door so I cannot forget to tick the check list and that really helps me in doing work on time and study properly.


Our final project of total quality management was given by our teacher from which we have to select a topic and made report on the topic. We chose the topic ISO 9000 on educational sector and after working many days we came on a conclusion that ISO is not applied in any university in Pakistan. We asked our teacher to change the topic and them we choose COPQ In educational sector but we had wasted time and every single hour is very important in making any report and we did mistake in selecting the topic but now after that experience so we implemented DMAIC,

Define: We selected the wrong topic without doing any research.

Measure: We wasted almost 3 weeks on collecting information regarding universities but instead we have to study and gather information in ISO 9000.

Analyze: After measure, we identify that we did many mistakes but the root cause of the problem is our less knowledge about ISO 9000.

Improvement: We selected another topic after doing research on the respective topic. We collect the information regarding the topic and then we select the topic.

Control: After worst experience we learn that to maintain that practice for future assignment and doing proper research before selecting any topic.

PDCA Cycle:

There is a basant in university last month and I am the member of the society that is organizing basant in university. Unfortunately our head’s father passed away before a week of the event and he was unable to take part in an event or help us. As there were only two heads that is leading our ticketing team and out of two, one was absent and there was no substitute so we have to manage the ticketing team with a single head. So I as a member of a team, let them know about the PDCA model and work according to the model.

Plan: We plan to distribute the task of the head between us and make the head comfortable as he was very upset due to his father’s death.

Do: Our work was to sit on a desk and sell tickets and that required time. So first day we perform our duty as well his duty i.e. collect data from the desk and report to the president of the team.

Check: We checked at the end of the day while closing that if it is helpful for us or we need another head which can help us or give instructions.

Act: Next day president and the other head were very satisfied so they asked us to perform like this till the last day of the event.


In an OB course, we got a mega group assignment in which we have to visit a company and make report on the employees facing problems in organization. Due to our hectic schedule we forget to mail the rough sketch to the sir and also missed some work we did on report. Last week Sir mailed us the dead line to submit report and presentation and before submitting we have to verify the report from the person from whom we collect the data regarding our topic.

We were very frightened as it was a tough assignment and we could not complete this within 3 days but we have to complete and verify this as it was a final report of concerning subject. Being a student of TQM course for this we made a flowchart as we know that flowchart will help to do work properly and according to the steps needed to complete the assignment. We followed the steps mentioned in flow chart and we completed our report within 3 days without forgetting any step.

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