Why I’m Leaving the Thiel Fellowship
Cosmo Scharf

This article brought me here. https://www.fastcompany.com/3065615/pov/former-fellow-to-peter-thiel-you-can-have-your-money-back

You have my respect. I mean it.

By turning down the offer from an investor with such great reputation, that’s considered a suicide for many people.

So far in my knowledge, you’re the only one that I heard out of the plethora tech/Silicon Valley/startup feeds that don’t play by the “rules” in the so-called business world. Not an easy decision.

Many would argue that such action is a suicide mission. Many would tolerate. Many would compromise. But you did it differently, and it was a great one! A very good example set in the current society. Glad to read about your inspiring story. I wish you very best in your venture.

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