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Francis Dylan

  • “The oppressed, instead of striving for liberation, tend themselves to become oppressors” — Paulo Freire, 1968 — the year Bobby Kennedy was supposed to be our next president; in the days before Reagan’s unprecedented military arms build up, union busting, and deregulation and privatization supporting regime; back when working people stood united in bettering society rather than cowering together in fear.
  • These days, we’re up against the toadery of suck-cess-pool people like Kris — self identified members of and imaginary ruling class, who loudly boast, “I did it all by myself with no help from anyone. I’ve got mine. The rest of you can go get fucked.”
  • It’s quite easy to succeed in business if you lack empathy and social consciousness. Best of luck to the Krises of the world — deluded individuals whose crass consumption and accumulation of “stuff,” proves to themselves that in the end, their lives had purpose and meaning. Kris’es words do serve a valuable purpose. That unlike Kris, we can wake up, open our eyes, pay attention, and view the world, not as victims, but as works in progress striving toward being (human).
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