How to Date When You’re Not Over Your Ex
K. D.

I’m proud of you for getting so far into your date! I actually cried the entire way to my first date I had after breaking up with my ex. I had blood shot eyes when I got there and then even ended up crying on the date. I was a mess!

But there’s hope! I just had to keep reminding myself that he’s an ex for a reason and there’s always a reason for everything. Unfortunately it takes time and there is no quick fix. I kept at online dating to have a distraction and eventually was able to go on successful dates.

One thing I’ve learned is that your connection with someone new will never be as strong/powerful as it was with your ex (due to the time you were together), so it’s not fair to compare the two. So I just try to enjoy the journey and remind myself that with time this one may actually be better than the last — and that hope helps me keep going :)

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