Clinton and Sanders: The 60’s and 70’s beyond the memes.

There is a machine working to defeat Hillary in the Primary by boosting Bernie. And they are generating all kinds of extremely misleading memes like this one. What makes me upset is that Bernie has not called out this stuff. He says he wants to run a clean campaign but he isn’t speaking out against this stuff. The big money PAC’s are running anti-Hillary ads on his behalf and he still claims that big money isn’t involved in his campaign. It makes him look bad if he doesn’t see it and not acknowledging it once he knows makes this even worse.

This article was written last spring and calls out the RW strategy of supporting Bernie to defeat Hillary

While we hear so much about Bernie’s few years at UofC the media has done a poor job of telling us about Hillary’s early years. It’s such a inspiring story, I wish it got more coverage.

Thanks for writing this.

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