I have to constantly remind myself that I am doing this so she can be happy;

I have a deep feeling inside me that we will go our separate ways, even though we say we might come back together, the probability just seems so low.

Her time there will make her realize how her life is too amazing to give up, to resort back to me is trading a little bit of that amazing life for the old so mundane one. Who would want to trade a diamond for a rock?

Eventually I will find someone myself. I dont know if my feelings for her will remain and I dont know if the new person she will be with will make her feelings for me disappear as well. I dont know if this feeling of deep discontent will go away but people say it will. I’m just heart broken and hearts eventually heal. I’m going to see a guy on saturday night. I really hope to god it goes well. I hope he becomes my friend. I am not ready for a new lover yet.