Work/Life balance is bullshit.
Tobias van Schneider

Hey Tobias

At first I was not sure where you were heading with this post but I agree. I also find confounding that everybody has a cult for #TGIF. I like Fridays as it is the beginning of the weekend and I will get to pick up my son at daycare and spend more time with him. But I also like Mondays as this is the beginning of my work week and I have the chance of doing a work I love.

I am also thankful that I work for someone (aka a boss) as he has to take the hard decisions and I “only” have to do my best. I am ok with leaving him the worry about investing and/or hiring and so on. This is a bit stretched from what you were saying but I bet you would agree with me on that too.

Shall we start a #ILM (I love Monday) with picture of our smiling faces on Twitter? Instagram?

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