A little about me.

I am:

  • 30-something
  • Single
  • Caucasian
  • Healthy
  • Well educated
  • Not pretty, but not ugly
  • Not skinny, but not fat
  • Driven & ambitious
  • Independent (perhaps to a fault)
  • Financially stable
  • Emotionally “normal”
  • Socially capable
  • Drama free

I have:

  • A career I enjoy
  • Good friends
  • Married, supportive parent
  • A cat

Basically I’m pretty damn standard on all accounts.

But yet when it comes to relationships.. actually scratch that.. I never even get to the relationship part.. I’m a failure.

I suppose technically I’ve had one boyfriend, but it hardly counts. I’ve slept with a handful of people, and two of those hardly count. I haven’t had sex in close to 5 years, but for no apparent reason than no one has come along who seems to want to sleep with me.

There is something I’m missing here. Something that, along the way, went inextricably wrong, in my ability to meet men. I don’t want anything crazy. Yes a boyfriend would be great, but even someone to date and sleep with would suffice. Sure I’d like to get married, but I hear no clock ticking. I’m not pressured from family, nor made to feel guilty by friends (society is another thing). It just never happens for me.

I’m not writing as a dramatic quest to find the one, or to document my trials and tribulations. It’s also not to sob about my pathetic love life, or complain that men are evil.

Perhaps all those things will happen.

It’s an outlet for commentary.. likely mixed with a whole lot of sarcasm. So lets go.

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