2018: The year of the Spartan

I am thankful for everything I went through and did in 2017 but let’s kick 2018 in the ass and win all year long.

This transformation into a Spartan started a few months ago, I decided I was not going to live in the fear of all the bad things that could and might happen. I realized looking at my bucket list after Twitchcon how little I had done. I called my grandmother, the wisest woman I know, to talk about it with her.

“Alyssa, you dream so big and yet you take the smallest steps.”

We spent an hour or longer talking about why I do this and how I can overcome it. So I decided for the first time in my life I would read self improvement books and be open to things that I previously would not normally be.

So I started by reading small articles on the internet getting a feel for the type or path I wanted to take my personal growth. I very quickly realized that I wanted to focus on the path that actually corrected (or overcame) my constant nagging in my brain I was not good enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I know everybody has self doubt. The key difference between normal healthy self doubt and anxiety is how you handle it. Self doubt means you’ll most likely take a chance and hope you succeed. Anxiety is not trying because in your mind you’ve already tried it and failed.

If you try while having anxiety and then fail… in a lot of cases (or in my experience) you tend to take all the “precautions” to not fuck it up only to fuck it up the exact way you try not too. SIDE NOTE: This is exactly why I hate movies with any kind of premonition the characters — they always do the exact steps to make the premonition happen. That is pretty much what happens with anxiety.

Focusing back on 2018: The year of the Spartan

The greatest counterpoise to fear, the ancients believed, is love — the love of the individual warrior for his brothers in arms. — Chapter 13, The Warrior’s Ethos

We don’t live in ancient Sparta and we aren’t all warriors in terms of fighting physical wars for glory and honor; but, we are all warriors in our own way.

You are strong, you are capable, you can do it, and you should. What reason do you give yourself for not doing that one thing that sits in the back of your mind? I promise you can find a way around any reason you give yourself. Let 2018 be the year you are a warrior, a Spartan, and do it.

2018 Spartan Resolutions

  • Read four to six books a month, with one of them a self improvement book. Having read a just a couple I 100% think everybody should try to understand themselves better. Reading does
  • One or more outdoor activities. I don’t get out and do enough. I work in tech and I come home and I am all tech-ed out. Getting out even if I have to go by myself to be outside. [This one will be a challenge.]
  • Travel one weekend out of the month not related to work.
  • Workout four times a week.
  • Learn one new thing a month and I don’t mean facts. I mean learn to do something new. [Examples: learn the 20 most used phrases of a language, and entire set of movements in yoga by memory, cook something from another culture.]
  • Say “no” to things I secretly want to say no too and a few more.
  • Take a martial arts class.
  • Complete 5 things off of my bucket list.

Book Recommendations to Kick off 2018

Find your inner warrior, Spartan, God/Goddess, or empowerment figure and embrace it.

Special thank you to all of my amazing friends who made 2017 the year it was even through the tough times.