Have You Seen Their Stuff?
Hilal Isler

Wow! I am honored to be on this list! Thank you so much, Hilal! And thanks also for showing your support to fellow Medium writers by asking your readers to list some of their favorites, too. I wish I had more time to read here — I found Medium at a very busy time in my life and haven’t been as involved with it as I’d like. But any poster whose work impresses me, I immediately follow, so my favorites are on the list of people I follow. Among the ones I find most compelling are Karen Milford (who’s also on your list), book blogger Sally Allen (or you can visit the blog on her website for even more posts), Joan Haskins, Anna Herrington, and Richard Brown (one of my favorite writers for a while, via other platforms, he’s only posted one piece here but man is it a doozie!). But, again, anyone I’m following is someone who made me stop and savor their words, and think about them long after.

Thanks so much again — I really can’t tell you how honored and thrilled I am to be on your list!

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