They always talked about how she was pretty

They always talked about how she was skinny

She did not need to hide under all her makeup

Or chose the salad over the fries

She did not need to keep straightening her hair

Or put back that second cookie

If anything they told her

she needed to eat that cookie

& maybe even another

That is not what she saw

She wanted to believe them

And man did she try

I knew that girl tried

Almost as well as that girl knew

The monster glaring back at her

In her bathroom mirror

She hated that monster

That beast

That demon

The demon of all her insecurities

And the demon of all her flaws

The sad thing is I knew that girl

That girl had Angels too

The Angels of her perfections

And the Angels of her radiant beauties

But when she looked into that bathroom mirror

To those Angels she was blind.