Hello… Bandwagon? It’s me.

I never thought I’d see the day. Me writing a blog. But here I am, almost midnight and I am writing to complete strangers instead of sleeping. Let the restlessness commence. I come across all these people that write blogs and I attempt to read them but they just make me all sad. Filled with words but they aren’t really saying anything. I can’t say much though, I’ll probably end up writing about poor me this, and lets change the world that. I never thought I would say this but I get it. I get why people blog. Writing in my journal is nice but lets be honest, we all like to be heard. We usually talk our friends ears off about our problems, so why not do it to complete strangers. I was always told that a good outlet is writing, so buckle up and hold tight because I’m going to get real. Real as in speaking to men about how woman really feel and see things. As real as in telling women that sometimes we need to man the fuck up. That Facebook isn’t your therapist, you should go spends some money on a real one; better yet write a blog! haha! I mean well in all I write but lets be honest, I may ruffle some feather but I hope in all that I share it can help others, give some laughs, and all in all give some “some what” good advice as it has been give to me. I always hoped that I had someone to go to and get advice; that could understand where I am coming from. Someone that doesn’t quite have their shit together but is still out there pushing through it all. Someone as fucked up, moody, sarcastic, and unraveled as me.

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