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My problem was sugar. I ate a lot of sweets — coffee with chocolate in the morning, sweet snacks during the day and at the end of the day I felt like a trash can. I wasn’t motivated and wanted to sleep all the time. I thought that I must change something. I got myself under control and started searching for information. There are many pieces of advice how to build healthy eating habits so I’ve organized my own strategy and want to share it with you.

Always have a breakfast

If you wake up, drink a cup of coffee and just go to work, you make a big mistake. You’ll feel hungry very soon and, as a result, you’ll eat everything that will be within your sight. So in order to be satisfied till your lunch time, eat complex carbohydrate. I mean fruits, vegetables, porridge, beans and so on.

Try diversified menu

Our brain always wants something new, it hates routines. So instead of different sweets, try different food that you haven’t tasted before.

Susan Albers, Psy.D., clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic and expert in mindful eating says “We seem to eat the same foods repeatedly. This limits our nutritional range. Be adventurous. Try new foods.”

Try new foods with different colours. Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D., C.D.N., founder of the New York-based BZ Nutrition, tells SELF explains “Every fruit and vegetable has different colors based on the different minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants it contains”.

Eat mindfully

When you’re eating in front of the TV or computer, it’s easy to overeat and even forget that you’ve eaten. So you won’t feel satisfied and as a result you’ll be searching unhealthy snacks. Put down all distractions and pay attention to food that you’re putting on your plate. Moreover, it’s a good opportunity to spend time with your dears.

“Mindful eating is paying more attention to how you eat, being more present to make better food choices,” Albers says. It’s “like laying a strong foundation of a house,” she explains. “If you get the mindful eating down, you will have an easier time creating new habits.”

But during such family dinner, listen to your body. Stop when you’re truly full and don’t eat for company.

Eat slowly

I could eat about ten sweets during the working process. Just put them one by one in my mouth. If you can’t live without sweets, eat them slowly. Think about its taste, chewy texture and what you feel. Don’t put the whole candy. Take a bite and make a pause.

However, this strategy didn’t work for me. So I’ve developed my own habit: if i want something sweet, I must cook it by myself. Of course, I’m lazy for it after my working day and I want to spare the weekend with my dears not with the oven. But if you’re not so lazy as me, cook healthy desserts. For example, instead of ice-cream make smoothie.

Stress eating

When you’re tired, it’s easy to overeat or eat some candies. And if you do it, you’re not weak-willed. Your body needs starches to function. Candies, cookies, muffins are the source of a sugar rush and, as a result, you body gets energy faster. In order to avoid such situation, take food with you and eat when you’re really hungry. So you’ll be satisfied all day long and forget about sweets.

However, when you’re stressed, eating isn’t a good idea. First of all, listen to your body. If you’re hungry now, you may eat. But if you feel stressed, choose another therapy. It can be walking, reading or other activities that you like. If you’re stressed at work, take a break and switch your focus. Here are some lifehack that will help you to to stay focused and productive.

Apps for healthy life

There are so many apps that will help you to build healthy eating habits. Here they are:

Find out what’s on your food with Fooducate, the only app that scans & grades foods based on their ingredients. Learn nutrition basics and get recommendations for healthy alternatives!

Lose weight and keep it off. Eat tasty, healthy, real food. Track your calories, macros, and workouts. Get motivation from the most supportive community in the world.

FatSecret is the fastest, smartest and most easy to use calorie counter and diet tracker for weight loss. FatSecret is 100% FREE.

Keep track of your food, exercise and weight, with access to the world’s most accurate food and nutrition database and most supportive community which will help you lose weight fast. Connect with a global community of people looking to make a change for the better and start losing weight the healthy way. Achieve your goals with Calorie Counter by FatSecret.

YAZIO is designed to help you get past hurdles to make personal progress — whether your focus is healthier eating, increasing fitness, or simply building discipline that will carry over into other parts of life. Get in shape the safe, sustainable, and scientifically proven way! With the YAZIO app, it only takes a few minutes per day to watch what you eat, and you don’t have to make any calculations yourself. YAZIO counts the calories you’ve consumed and burned throughout the day to give you a clear picture of your habits, offering accurate data to track and tweak along the way to a healthier, happier you.

Lose It! is the world’s most fun and effective weight loss program! Simply download the app, set your goal, and track the foods you love to lose weight. It’s simple: You use it, you lose it.

This app contains workout program with celebrity trainer Nicky Holender, daily motivations and tips, personalized meal plans from nutritionist Keri Glassman, daily nutrition charts, graphs and goals, great community support.


As it has been mentioned above, our brain always wants something new. And it’s not about food, it’s also about your kitchen. The routine cooking process will make you search fresh feelings and you’ll eat unhealthy food. Add some colorful elements to your kitchen or have a breakfast in different rooms everyday. It’ll also raise the mindful eating level.

So this is my eating strategy that has helped me to build healthy habits. I hope that it help you!

Do you have unhealthy eating habits? What did help you to build healthy ones?

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