Ways to Improve Your Life

Life improving isn’t easy because you should make every effort to change your style of life. And by “to improve your life” I mean improve all spheres of your life but not just change one habit. Let’s see what you need without many words!


A clean house makes a clean mind. Of course you may clean your space in the habitual way and nothing will change. So I offer you a new method of housecleaning which I use.

Marie Kondo

Let me present Marie Kondo and her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Marie “KonMari” Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant. Her method conveys some unconventional rules. Here are some examples:

Source: http://konmari.com/about/the-method/

This book completely changed my attitude to housecleaning. I organized my space according to KonMari’s tips, so now housecleaning takes less time.


Budget is another sphere of your life that you should take under control. But it’s not about becoming richer. It’s about managing disorder. So you should pay attention to all the things that you buy and write down your purchases. First of all, categorize your needs. It can be:

  • Food
  • Rent
  • Travel
  • Pets

It’ll help you not to confuse.

If you have a Bullet Journal you may create a budget log.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/christina77star/

If you like modern things there are many apps for iOS or for Android. For example:

I didn’t test these apps because I like to keep a Bullet Journal. But if you use such trackers, share your experience in the comments!

When you’ve chosen the favorite app, log all cash expenses during the month. At the end of the month, review your notes and consider what you can improve. Maybe you bought something unnecessary or might refuse to have dinner at the restaurant and cooked by yourself.

After review, start planning your budget for the next month. For example, drink coffee at home but not in the cafe. If you want you may continue writing down all your purchases but stick to the plan.


In order to improve your life start to manage your time. The most effective method is to create a to do list. To be more productive:

  • prioritize your daily activities;
  • plan your day the night before;
  • track your accomplishments.

It’ll help you to keep your mind decluttered and not allow you to procrastinate.


There are many articles about good nutrition on the Internet. But my advice is to eat when you’re really hungry. During the working day, you want to chew something because you’re bored or stressed. Listen to your body. And it doesn’t need sweets or fast food but vegetables, fruits, fish and so on.

Speaking about drinks, it’s a widely spread opinion that alcohol in small doses is useful. But it doesn’t work this way. It negatively affects not only your health but the quality of your sleep. Getting enough sleep is very important for motivation and productivity.

Learn more The Most Important Thing For Motivation!

Our bodies need about 100 oz of pure water per day on average. But it works differently from person to person. So check out online hydration calculator created by Camelbak.com. This program takes into account your age, weight, and gender; the type, intensity, and duration of activity; and even temperature.

If you always drink coffee in order to awake, replace it with herbal tea. And you’ll notice that you feel better.

Speaking about health, I should mention sports. Sedentary lifestyle negatively affects our health. But most of us work in offices, so ahmet a wrote me the following comment: “…What should I do if I live in office?” And my answer was: “You may do simple exercises during your working day!”

And it’s true! There are many easy exercises which don’t involve sports equipment. Here is a set of warm-up exercises.

Source: https://weheartit.com/entry/155057331

I do these exercises on working days and this set really helps.

Final thoughts

As you see it’s really time-consuming process because you need to improve all spheres of your life. And you’ll notice the result in a month at best. But it’s worth it! So work hard and be patient!

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