What it takes to be a web developer?

There’s been lot of buzz around the people when it comes to what it takes to be a great web developer. People are searching everywhere to find out whether JavaScript is best language to learn or Python is a language to go for, Some people start to love Ruby On Rails at first cause its so easy to learn and often they get stuck into some db migration stuffs and tend to move to other languages.

There’s so much questions they have in their mind can I get a job? or how can I get a job?, If I learn this and that or should I stop learning programming if am not that good. Am I ever gonna be great ? What it takes to be a great web developer? Where to start? What goals to set to be a web application ninja in no time? and much more…

While there are so many questions, Sometimes it becomes hard to find answers to all of these. Frustration start to rise when you get stuck or when it starts to get tough while learning web development. Sometimes you have no idea why you are doing this, Why it has to be this way.

If you are going through all of this then trust me we all go through all of this. No one can just open his Laptop / PC and write some code here and there for a hour everyday and become a web development ninja in a year or so. It takes more than that and most importantly it takes commitment.

If you wanna be best don’t look at some other people’s portfolio and be like man he’s so better than me, I don’t think I can be that good I better quit. No that’s not the best thing to do cause the portfolio of the person you are looking at might have years of practice / experience. But in the beginning they also started like you and already had gone through all of that you are going through right now. So, don’t wish to be that good in just few months. Look back at when you started and then see where you are right now and be proud that you are better than you were few months back when you started.

I’ve been like this myself. When I started learning web development for the first time I was like what’s that and why is that and what it does and why we do it like this. My mind was blown away with the syntax, I had no idea what this thing is all about. I would go and pick random languages on the basics of high salary demand or people recommending them too much and then after a week or two when I get stuck, I just leave it and move on to other programming language.

At first I learned HTML more then 20 times and still had no idea about some of the syntax. I gave up so many time, became frustrated that I can’t be web developer and after few days whenever I come across some random cool google office images or read someone’s blog or seen a video of a person like how he became web developer by struggling and how he came over all the challenges. That’s something that would give me courage to start again.

Once you already learned one language it became easy to learn another, There’s no secret in becoming a great web developer, All it takes is heart and dedication, Most importantly practicing on daily basics and remember nothing happened overnight it takes time.

Be sure to practice what you already learned instead of like am gonna memorize all and there’s no need to practice. If you think that way forget it you can’t learn to code without practice, How I know that? Because I tried that myself to memorize languages and after a day or two I forgot what I learned. The only thing that I ever remembered is what I wrote myself and practiced it.

Don’t be disappointed if some code doesn’t make sense at first sight, It happened to me so many times that the code that once made no sense made sense when I tried it for the 5th or 7th time. Don’t look on stackoverflow for the solutions, Try to solve them on your own cause a great web developer is a great problem solver. Only look for solution on stackoverflow if you already have tried so many times and can’t seems to find solution.

Teach others what you learned cause then you will remember it better and that’s being said by so many people that if you wanna learn something better and wanna memorize it then teach others what you learned and I tried it myself and what’s amazing is that it works.

So, What are some essentials to learn? Here’s what you should learn first.


Hyper Text Markup Language

“Everyone has to learn HTML to write markup of a web page”


Cascading Style Sheet “Its a language that is used to style pages, do animation / transitions and much more”

“Once you done with CSS then you can move on to learn CSS frameworks ‘BootStrap’ or CSS preprocessor SASS/ LESS if you want but its not essential to learn them”


Remember ‘JavaScript’ is not ‘Java’ — “JavaScript Is the most famous language and every web developer use it, Its a scripting language to write some codes, set rules and much more.”

“Once you done with JavaScript then you can move on to learn JavaScript frameworks like (jQuery or AngularJS) if you want but again its not essential to learn them either. But its good to have them in your pocket”

After that learn Git , Gulp, Bower these are some extra skills that are so much helpful when you become a good front end web developer.

What about Back End Languages and Database?

What about database ? You can learn NoSQL or SQL database, Learn what suits you the best and what you love to learn and can understand easily without suffering too much.

While choosing back end language to learn, Don’t be like man Python has most salary / demand or like Node.js is gaining so much popularity I should learn it, Learn what intrigue you the most and most importantly a language you can understand better. Don’t worry about salary or demand much, trust me there are still tons of jobs available for PHP even though its nothing when compared with language like Node.js , Ruby , Python , Scala etc.

So, Pick one that you can understand easily and that you love to learn and master it. Then move on to learn other if you wanna have more skills in your pocket.

Remember, Starting is always tough if you are learning something you have never learned before but when you stay committed and do lots of practice then you can become better each and every day and don’t be like you can’t learn to code because you are not that good. Everyone feels like that when they start cause its not that easy but again its not impossible as well.

So, You wanna be web developer? Then Work for it !