My three favorite social media platform

It would have to say that snap chat, Skype and Instagram are my favorite social platforms. But which is the best?

Snap chat is my favorite social network because it allows me to keep in touch with my family, friends and other who I want to follow up with them. It providing for me many options to share what is going on my life, as well as we can send photo or video to others and also on it we can make groups and chatting with them. It is really easy to use and it always being my first choose.

My second favorite social media would have to be Skype. My parent always travel to India to visit their grandmother so I always used Skype to talking with them by video. The benefit on this App we can talk with other even voice call or video call without recharge any fee.

My third favorite social media is Instagram because I enjoy editing, posting and sharing pictures and video with other. I also enjoy viewing pictures of my close friends and seeing each other.

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