Yellow Petals & Evening Magic

I’m the type of woman who uses yellow petals as soap, in a tub full of humera.

I can scrub in the sweetness and out the bitter. All of the soft yellow in the nooks and crannies, onto a magical brown belly that holds space for tomorrow’s promises.

I lounge in tempid water and make my own current. Scrub back and scalp and pits with the yellow. Don’t forget that spot over there… Chew on yellow petals, scrub teeth and gums. Wash my mouth out with something better than soap.

And when it’s all over, pour the cool water from a white coconut over my head. Down my neck, wash over my temples. Through my hair and over the hills of my face. White to cover my body. Frankincense to scent my feet.

What’s the use of magic, if she can’t perform for herself?