The Unedited Thought Process

Side projects.


Logos and Slogans.

Create a logo with a tagline for _____________.

The gods The drinks the hazards.


Key information.


Fixing things. Like what?


Why? Nobody really cares. Why? Because people have better things to do. Why? They’re life is more important. Why? They want to accomplish their goals. Why? Because they need to get somewhere.

Trains, Cars, Planes.

Mini Oreos should be the snacks on airplanes.

The use of languages causes us to complain more than we do. (read that carefully)

Doing things is so important that the words-used will never give you any impressions of actuality. Your ego is sitting there saying what the fuck is this guy talking about? Dude, it’s nothing. Nothing is the place everything comes from. I’m writing from that place. I got something.

Place your bad habits at the door. You know why… they’re fucking disastrous to our culture. They create more dumb monkeys.

But to be honest… it’s a really strange though. I like doing bad shit. I like doing bad shit a lot. There’s this great satisfaction I get from it. But just now writing that made me feel good. We all get bipolar sometimes.

The mind is a playground. It wants to get on the monkey bars even though you know you could fall. You wanna go down the slide even tho you know you were scared the first time.

Well how else are you gonna break the boundaries without breaking the rules. And breaking your habits down and getting bad did something for you. I got somewhere that way. IMPULSES ARE BAD.

No one thinks about culture though. That if you held back that bad action you could prevent a whole ton of other people from looking like jackasses. Because getting through the whole set of monkey bars is an accomplishment of physical feat. Going down that slide is overcoming a fear.

You get scared punannnniiiiii. You start getting scared as soon as limits get placed on you. The limits are boundaries and they piss you off because we are free people.

But really? Are we? Look at the government. No one ever thinks ONCE about what the government is doing to control this country. In fact there’s NO INFORMATION on what the government really doing. (If you find something place the links here). That’s like going through the monkey bars and suddenly when you fall there would be a massive pitfall underneath you the second you didn’t make it all the way. And you’ll look over at the next guy that’s got a spike in his ass and say “How did I get here man?”

That took way to long to say. And no one gives a fuck. But listen, you think your life is important but take a moment and think of how many other lives there are near you right now. If we don’t have any freedoms we are stuck fighting a war full of monkeys. And trust me there are some really stupid monkeys out there.

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