That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course

I’m wearing a new pair of shoes. It’s mine only and nobody else been in those, not a slightest bit. Because those shoes has never been displayed and no one wants to try to see how it fits in their feet. They have no idea. As to why I’m wearing it right now, simply because I need its function to support me as I walk miles and miles. I’ve been running without any.

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

They say people are so weak they cannot make it without anyone else. I made it.

My major taught me that I, with a sense of logic, could always find my way through anything. Even in the most unlogical state, the mind work its best, to see, to hear, to make its way through the heart and later, to confront everything. And its all, rather than to deny, it confirms.

The unknown is known, not entirely, but as a small detail. Exactly like God names and traits, we couldn’t see the bigger picture. No one ever has, until they disappear. It becomes a secret, a mystery, something that we managed to resist in order to breathe and have a peace of mind.

How I made it isn’t important, you have no reason to understand it all. Such ignorant, like you, and me included, only want to see the flower in its full bloom. While in the other hand, it might never has a chance.

Even the prince works his best to take care of his rose. And carelessly lost himself to the fear of losing his rose.

Despite being thrown, I’m making my way through living just like a hundred thousand workers out there and letting myself get beaten, shaped, and corrupted in the mean time. Sure, beside distance, time also cruel. You won’t believe what I did for honey. In my shoes, i’m a bee.