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3D Render of Micron 2.o

A lot has happened since we have made our previous design in March. …

You’ve finished laying out your website, and it’s time to make it look good — so you pull out your CSS skills and make some cool transitions! …

In my previous article, I talked about how to get setup using Jekyll. I also mentioned in the title how Jekyll’s templating allows you to develop websites a lot more quickly. In this article, I will go over some more advanced features of Jekyll that will really boost your web-dev productivity.

Data Files & For Loops

There are many situations where you have a lot of data you want to put on your webpage — this could be lists of text or just just plain paragraphs. It is still a good idea to abstract this out into its own section, however front matter variables might prove to be a very untidy way of doing things. …


Amador UAVs

High School AUVSI SUAS Competition/Drone Club

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