Everyday Activism: How Standing Up to Hate is an Ordinary, Daily Routine

John Amaechi OBE— CEO of Amaechi Performance Systems & Everyday Jedi

Most of us don’t DO anything

This post is NOT to suggest that marching for human rights and equality is unimportant or about how counter-protesting neo-Nazi’s and White Nationalists is not enough.

Most real activism is boring and ordinary… so contractual and ubiquitous for any true citizen, as to be considered completely un-newsworthy.

We rightly venerate those who face off against tyranny and hate, but we must not be paralysed by their deeds, seemingly unable to do any more than retweet the stories of their heroic work.

Throughout history, the percentage of bystanders in any society has dictated the pace and direction of change…it’s actually the preponderance of bystanders that is killing us

Everyday activists are not cheerleaders

Cheering loudly at one person’s heroism, or vociferously booing someone else’s evil doesn’t preclude you from being a bystander.

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