2 Lies We’ve Been Told About Entrepreneurship

And why believing them are actually good!

Weird title? Let me make some sense now.

These are the two lies you’ve been told your whole life.

It’s Never Too Late Too Start

If you’re someone who hear a lot of motivational speeches and read similar stuff, you’ve probably heard this one.

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, — It’s a lie.

It always gets late as you wait. Time isn’t your friend. It’s something you have to battle with.

Look, I get it. Even people who launch products and businesses years after they get the idea succeed (sometimes). And I do know that you could always start fresh with your life.


It gets late.

You could say that it’s never too late for a change. To change the way you look at things, to change habits, beat addiction and start working out.

But business & entrepreneurship is different. As long as the clock is ticking, you’re getting late, second by second.

Does that sound scary? It should be!

We get ideas as a result of our experiences and both subconscious and conscious thoughts that we have. And guess what? You’re not the only one like you.

There are a lot of other people who must be thinking exactly like you.

And there’s a good chance that their idea bulb might light up just the way yours does. And they could be doing what you dreamed of, if you’re late.

Imagine you wake up one day, to find a news article about a newly launched business with your idea that you’ve been having for years.

Scary? Didn’t I tell you? You should be!

That’s just one crisis of believing in this lie.

The earlier the better.

I get it, you gotta wait for the perfect time? If that’s what you’re thinking, well, there’s no perfect time.

Do things already so that you’ll make mistakes, learn from it and get yourself into motion. The more you wait, the worse it gets.

Tick tock, tick tock.

But why is it kinda good to believe in this lie?

While it’s always getting late as you wait, there’s another side for this coin.

Well, it gives people hope.

Hope to start doing something and make a living out of it. And to give meaning to their lives.

And, just because there are a lot of other businesses in the industry that you wanna tap in to, it doesn’t mean they are the best.

You could always do something better and become successful. And that’s how we get to the second lie.

You Need A New & Brilliant Business Idea

A lot of people admire and look up to successful entrepreneurs as Gods of unique ideas. 😂

Guess what? A huge portion of the successful businesses out there aren’t new ideas, they are old ones.

It’s just that they’ve been made successful by bettering the execution and the whole marketing strategy.

There was Yahoo before Google. There was Trello before CoSchedule. There was Orkut before Twitter and a lot more.

If you believe that you can run an existing business concept in a better way, you should.

Entrepreneurship isn’t all about creativity, your ticket to the hall of fame could be better execution too.

And why people should believe this lie?

Because the world needs more ideas, better solutions and new ways of living. And that’ll be only possible if people come up with new ideas.

So let’s lie.