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How Do You Build A Great Email List?

Building an email list can benefit your online business in different ways. It has the power to take your business to the next level. It’s more like sharpening your sword before going to the battle. And doing that can be a little bit of a hard if you’re just starting out. Here are my 4 mantras (techniques) to do it.

  1. Put up an opt-in box : How do you expect your readers or visitors to subscribe into your newsletter if you don’t provide them the facility to do it? First and most of all, put up a subscription box on your blog/website. Make sure you keep it simple enough that they don’t hit the close button on seeing it.
    Add a great heading to the box and make sure to make the design splendid. Psychologically, if the design is good, users are bound to hit the subscribe button and this improves your conversion rate to a greater one.
  2. Reward them : Who doesn’t like gifts? Well, I do. Try promising a nice freebie or something they could make use, of in return of joining your email list. Try giving away a free membership account of your website or discount coupons to products on your industry. If you’re a blogger who wants to grow your list, create an eBook combining all your old blog posts, add some extra information and give it out as a reward. It’ll work like a charm!
    Creating a landing page about your freebie and embedding an opt-in box with the details of what you’re going to give out will also help.
  3. Ask, don’t be shy : Asking doesn’t hurt, it actually helps. Freelancing for over an year, I learned that there is no reason to be shy or afraid to ask, in-fact, it has won me a great number clients indeed. So, just ask them to join your newsletter. Use the exit section of your blog posts and your social network to ask people to join your newsletter.
  4. Give them a reason to join : Ask yourself this question — “What all newsletters do you join and why?” And when you figure out the answer to that question, take it to your advance. Solve problems of your readers/users, promise them better ways to do things, promise them value and stand out through what you actually do. Be unique!
    Think from the perspective of your readers/users and find out what all things could trigger their decision to join the email list. And then, make it real!
Amal is a Freelance Writer who got hit by the disease called “Creativity” which makes him go crazy with Business strategies, creative writing, product reviews, SEO and Copywriting. He is an expert blogger who teaches people to do things through the brilliant way!

This was written for the Roundup post to be conducted on Find Web Apps by Divyansh.

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