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I’m On A New Writing Mission

What do I wanna be? That’s a question people often hit me with everytime. Even I do ask myself that a lot. Well, I don’t know which job fits me, but all I know is that I Love to Write!

Maybe I would become a Journalist, maybe a full-time blogger or a content writer (for a giant company). Or maybe I’ll stick with Freelance Writing which I’m not really disappointed with. Who knows? Maybe I would end up as a NO-ONE!

All I know is that I wanna do what I love and I’m madly in love with writing. But these days, I came to know that I’m not doing well. I’m not concentrating on anything from my college to my freelancing. I’m lagging somewhere behind.

I've “Failed and Learned” enough. I didn't mean that I've learned everything. But I've learned that a change is something I seriously need and that I should start moving my ass, right now!

I guess I've told you more than enough that I love writing. And hey, ask me this question, : “Are you writing anything, something?” Ask it aloud, to me!

Ops and nope! I’m not ☹

What Was I Doing?

  1. Nothing.
  2. Staring at blank screens.
  3. Scheduling things for a time called “LATER” which didn't showed up!
  4. Reading “How-To’s” and “Successful Stories” on getting outta Writer’s Block.
  5. Wishing I had an idea to write on.
  6. Again staring at blank screens.
  7. Then keep on doing Nothing.

Is that What I Wanted to Do?

Nopsie nope! This is soooooo not where I wanted to be!

  1. I wanted to be productive.
  2. I wanted to kick out my laziness.
  3. I wanted to write more.
  4. I wanted to win more clients.
  5. I wanted to earn more.
  6. And I wanted to stop doing Nothing.

So, since it’s not Working, what’s my Plan (B)?

I know things are going out of control and I gotta do something to it. It’s time I do that SOMETHING.

I've wasted enough time and I gotta put an end to it.

I’m not gonna stare at blank screens anymore, I’m not gonna let my imaginary lazy friend on my inside slow me down again and I’m not gonna keep on doing Nothing!

So, what am I gonna do?

I’m gonna fight back all my weakness and even if I fail, I’ll keep on moving.

And I've figured it out that what I need to do the most is to “WRITE”. What I was lazy about and what I had dreamed of.

From today onward, I’m going to Write at-least One Single Post per Day.
Writing down that sentence really does makes a look on my face saying, “Am I sure?” , “Am I gonna do that for sure”.

Well, fuck you imaginary me inside me! I’m not gonna let you slow me down again and stay out of my way!

I've decided to write these posts on Medium and I’ll be also publishing the ones I think are good on my blog.

I hope everything’s gonna work according to the plan! Wish me luck ☺

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