Money is the Root of all Politics!

Are you just another person who believe that “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”? Well, I’m sorry to break your cute little concept, but what you were told is a lie, a one that has drilled into the minds of many including you, me, them and everyone around us. [ Bastard ]

Well, not anymore: I just woke up from the bullshit ride and got hit by Realization.

I believe that Money Sure Can Buy Happiness, a lot of it.

Money, Money, Money and then Money!

Recently, I had to go through some serious shit in my life. I even got Bankrupted. And that’s from where I changed my complete concept about money.

Yups, even I used to believe that there are hell lot of things with which you can be happy and money is not Required for it at all. But right now, I think the opposite.

Open your eyes, use your brain, out of most of those happiest moments in your life, which all didn't involved money in it ( at all )? Be frank!

They say you can become happy by hanging out with friends, having fun, being in a relationship or going to different places.
And the bitter truth is that : in this modern world, you need something known as MONEY to do it. Something you’d pay people in return of SOMETHING else.

You need money to hangout; You need money to have fun; You need money to keep a relationship going smooth ( Admit it ); You need money to go to places.

Right now, anything you can think of, that’ll give you happiness involves money.

Would you prefer to live alone on the street; Or marry someone, grow old with her/him and live in a family?
If you've picked the second option, think! Does it need money right now? Hell yeah, right? Hell Yeah!

Would you prefer living in the fear of all those people to whom you owe money? Would you prefer a life in which you don’t have the money to blend into the society?

You need money, more and more!
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So, pause there for a moment. I want you to stand up, slap yourself one time ( Or two if you are not yet focused ).

Ask yourself this question : “When was the last time I went on a depression mode?” Now, imagine if you had some money with you. What would be the change you could have made?

The old adage “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” is a totally fucking lie.
[ Slap, Slap ] Wake up!

Fuck the Adage!

I’m still packed with examples and facts to make you believe in the truth, the real one. But I believe, you've already used your brain and right now, you also agree with me. Do you? Or do you NOT?

Let’s argue!

Bring in your opinions and ideas about this.

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