The Horrible Things About Being A Full Time Writer
James Altucher

True Indeed — Writing isn’t just putting some words together.

Hi James,
I really loved the post. Why?

  1. I’m a wanna-be writer and you’ve inspired me. You’ve inspired me by telling that it took 17 years for you to do it. I just wiped some tears after reading that. Woo! I thought I was not doing it right. I’m a “wanna-be” for the last 2 years and I know there’s a long way to go. Your story just gave me some real hope.
  2. I was able to relate this to myself.
    I lost a lot of friends. A lot like a real lot. And yup, they’ve called me “an idiot” too. Wow, I guess that’s how things work! :D

Thanks a lot again James. :) Cheers!