You’re Probably Gonna Waste Your Time By Reading This

If you’re reading this, I assume that you know me (somewhere around the bar of “very-well”).

And then I’m anticipating that you, for sure, know that I’m lazy as fuck.

I’ve given several shots in huge intervals to try and get over procrastination. I know, I’m not really proud about this either.

This is my next shot and trying to move my lazy bum on the right time. (Well, this isn’t the final attempt too).

(Note: Congratulations, you’ve already killed your 1 minute. Now don’t you dare use me as your excuse to feed your monkey mind. This is on you. I never)

So, where were we?

Yup. My dramatic effort to kill the monkey inside my head.

Thisis what I’m gonna do.

I’m gonna try and write everyday. (Again, I know.)

But I don’t have any commitment to write good stuff nor something that makes any sense. I’m just gonna write.

Thanks for keeping up. (Now go do your shit)