You’re the only one who has the right to change you.
Life Is Not Like Instagram: The Resistance of Change
Dave Cornthwaite

I totally agree with this idea. However, I don’t agree with the general concept. It does not mean that I am negative or I’m not supporting you, no I totally like what you do as an adventurer.

Quitting jobs is a big jump, isn’t that easy at all. Just look at the point of: if everyone who take your advice and quit their jobs,then? If doctors,engineers,teachers,accountants and every worker stop to work, then what going to happen to the world? who gonna examine and fix your leg if it’s broken again? *god bless you*

For me, the idea of “choose what you love to do” is right! but it can also be loving your study and then your job. If you love what you do it will never seems that bad to you, it never exhausts you. I am one of those who quit their job to change. I have nursing degree and I worked for 6 years and i quit last year because I felt it’s really hard job and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working as a nurse any more. I came to london this year and I’m studying my secound degree in the health field again. This is what I love to do in life, helping people is my only aim. Drawing a smile on a patient’s face for me was the best feeling I ever had. It’s like I got the whole world in my hands, and I still like the idea of my previous job.Therefore, I can develope better world for me and you and for the next generation too.

I admire adventure and I’d love to try and discover the world because I love nature and the country side more than the city life. That’s why I am studying now to save this beauty of nature tomorrow from people who always destroy it.

You have mentioned the elderly people and I would like to talk about the young people who follow you and tell them study what you love and then your job in future will never be as a job as it would be your fun world” Job also can be fun if you choose the suitable one “.

I am really sorry if I said something wrong. For me it doesn’t work like that, because I love somebody doesn’t mean I agree with them in everything and follow what they said blindly! For me if I love someone I have to discuss our both opinion and see which one is more realistic and works for both of us and for the future we dream to have. If I have something I come direct and tell them what I think is right thats how love works.

And forgive my English mistakes because it’s my second language.

Sorry again Dave, wish you all the best x

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