Life Is Not Like Instagram: Damn you, Cupid
Dave Cornthwaite

What about “Justice” Dave?

Would you be patient and loyal if she is the one who is away for sometimes? or if she has something else may give you some difficulties and force you to be patient would you still say the same and go to hell with her?

We both don’t know each other well, and our both experience’s made different opinions in our brain of what love is.If everyone look at “love” is not an easy thing to do but easy to give we will be safe,I think. People who are cheated on us they never love us and we are the one who gave them the right to cheat when we trust them as they really love us.That’s why there are lot’s of things come before love which “trust” one of them .

And believe me you haven’t met the right person yet. As good person you are as good partner will find you, and as bad person you are as bad partner will come to you. What you do today you will receive tomorrow. So before wishing something to happen to us in future we should look at our today’s carefully. Thats it xo

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