Solo Traveler

I’ve been asked on many occasions “Kat, how do you travel on your own?, I couldn’t do it” I reply well it is very simple you just get on a plane and if no ones else joins you stay on the plane…. And yes it really is that simple. I don’t believe in waiting on anyone to experience what the world has to offer.

I’ve been to 4 countries on my own… technically 5 but that would include the Dominican Republic where the majority of my family lives, so I personally do not consider those trips to be “solo traveling.” But the other 4 I traveled solo which are London (3 times), Paris, India, and Jamaica.

Here are the reasons as to why I think it is great to travel solo

  1. You are not dependent on anyone to get your day started
  2. You are able to create your itinerary to your liking or just wing it
  3. No need to worry about your travel partner not being up for the adventure
  4. The only person who can flake on a plan is YOU
  5. If you want to stay in and not leave your hotel that’s completely on you
  6. You don’t have to worry about dragging someone around who says “ugh, I’m tired!”
  7. Getting in and out the of the airport is a breeze especially when traveling internationally
  8. If you’re really lucky and it’s an empty flight, that’s more leg room for you at no extra cost.

Granted with all that said there are a couple of things that are hard to do when you are traveling alone, having someone take a picture of you (but I guess this is where selfie stick come in handy) and someone to share the moment with. But I personally don’t let either of those two things stop me because the overall experience will definitely make-up for it.

Traveling to India alone is one the best things I’ve done, yes I was scared and worried about the type of people that would be on my tour, praying that I wasn’t the youngest out of the group. But oh the excitement that I had to explore such a country…priceless!

London was one the easiest city to travel alone in, A. because it is an English-speaking country and B. it is really easy to get around on your own using the Tube. I loved being able to stroll through the streets, stop for a cup of tea and even do a little shopping in the markets.

Out of all the places I traveled to on my own, Paris was the hardest, and No it’s not because of the French people and the language barrier. It’s because it truly is a romantic city. I personally would probably not go to Paris alone again but I have to say that I literally walked everywhere in Paris. I only used the train system to get into/ leave Paris. I know that if I was traveling with someone or a group that may not have happened. But since I literally walked everywhere I really got the chance to take in the city’s beauty.

With all this said, I 1000% say DO IT! Do not let the lack of someone’s company stop you. I have learned a lot about myself while traveling solo. I realized how daring without the “peer” pressure of someone else. I learned what my true comfort/safety zone is and when I am actually stepping out it. I’ve learned to really decide on whether or not I enjoyed something. Most of all I’ve learned to just be ok with being with myself.

Originally published at on December 31, 2015.