The questions

When did I loose control?

When did I loose touch with reality

When did I stop putting myself first?

When did I stop being so independent?

When did I start being co-dependent?

When did I start to love others more than I love myself?

When did it become so hard to say “no”?

When did I forget how to choose myself?

Did I ever actually know how?

When did I start become so emotional?

Why is it that I can cry at a drop of a dime?

Why do I feel myself pushing those who love me farther and father away?

When did I become so indecisive?

When did I become so fragile?

When did I lock myself in cage and swallow the key?

When will I wake up from this nightmare?

When did I forget how to fly?

How did I manage to clip my own wings?

Why is letting go the hardest thing for me to comprehend?

How have I gone so far out on a limb and fail to see I was standing out there alone?

The pain to wake up and see it’s been me along, I’ve been the one holding the knife, the masochist.

When did I loose me?…

Why is so hard to relearn how to put yourself first?

How to choose myself?

It seems to come so easy for those around me…