I think 2018 will be a very interesting year, both for me and also for the United States in general. In this article, I will focus on 2018 mostly in terms of me, and what my goals are for the year.

Myself on the left, and my best friend and now-colleague Elias on the right, at an event we attended on behalf of Councilwoman Sylvia Arenas’ office.

It’s a year of a lot of changes for me. I am starting a new job at the City Council of San Jose, working for Councilwoman Sylvia Arenas. For Councilwoman Arenas I’ll be organizing and attending many events across San Jose’s District 8, as well as answering emails and phone calls from constituents in order to help them with issues they have that the council’s office can assist with. I bet the job will have more responsibilities that I don’t know about yet, too. A big goal of mine for 2018 is to learn as much as I can about how government works, especially on a local level, learn about representation, and more. I know there will be so much for me to learn.

I’m very excited for this job honestly. I feel very honored to have it, and empowered to work with Councilwoman Arenas and my new, great colleagues to represent the people of District 8 the best I can! For that reason, I am still deciding if I will or won’t write much about San Jose politics, because I don’t want this blog to interfere with my work too much. As I wrote in my first post, the opinions that I write in this blog are mine and mine solely, and not that of the office or the city. Still, though, I want to make sure there are no issues, so we will see.

As for my goals, one of my top goals is to become more organized. For example, my mom gave me a calendar as one of my Christmas presents. With this calendar, I can start to plan out and organize my year, such as the days and times I’m at college, when I’m at work, when I should do grocery shopping, etc. I think it will be very nice. I really want a defined, set schedule because I am most productive when I know what my plans are. Once I have a schedule, I will feel liberated to explore my interests more, gain more confidence, and take on new and exciting challenges.

A second top goal of mine, and the last I’ll share so that I can end on a good note, is to educate myself by reading more, especially books about politics and political organizing. A lot of books have come out after the 2016 election, with pundits and activists alike sharing their thoughts on where we go from here. The first one I will order is called “Run for Something.” Their viewpoint on organizing is that what really needs to be prioritized is local elections — state legislatures, city councils, mayorships, school boards, and more.

Cover of the book “Run for Something”

I agree with Run for Something. We need to higher prioritize local elections. In my view, it’d be incredible if there were Democratic/progressive candidates running in every single race in the country, no matter how small or how “red” the seat might be. Democrats won big in Virginia recently, in no small part thanks to having candidates running in 88 out of the 100 seats up for election. Put simply, when we have great candidates “run for something”, everywhere, the chances of us winning are infinitely higher than not even trying.

Anyway, I think 2018 will be a very important year in my life, so let’s get to it. Until next time.

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