CNA Week 6 - Political News

Republican Nomination Decision Draws Near

Eleven states will make their decision as to who the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election the week of March 1. In the past few weeks, 3 out of the 11 states have decided on Donald Trump as their Republican pick. According to this article, recent polls have indicated that the odds are favorable for Trump of winning over the remaining states.

Ex-California State Senatot 5-year Sentence

The former state senator of California, Leland Yee, has been sentenced to five years in prison. In the federal case it was exposed that Yee has been accepting thousands of dollars in bribes for the past eight years as well as assisting an undercover FBI agent buy weapons from the Phillipines. According to this article, Yee had been trying to pay off his mayoral campaign debt with the solicited money.

Former Texas Governor Cleared in Criminal Case

The former governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has been cleared of all criminal charges regarding misuse of power while in office. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed the charges in a 6–2 ruling. As stated in this article, the charges were filed when Perry threatened to veto the state funding for a group of public corruption prosecutors after the Democratic head refused to resign.

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