I actually think the guilt thing prevents people from making better financial choices as parents…

I don’t disagree that there are a lot of “potential” expenses when you have kids, but I’m going to put it out there that camp, isn’t really a question for many families. If both parents work there really aren’t any other options for full time childcare unless you have a nanny or something — once a kid starts school there’s this big yawning gap during the day that requires supervision until kiddo is old enough to look after him/herself. Believe me, I’d prefer not to spend $$$ on summer camp (or in our case summer camp + “after camp care” since my workday doesn’t end at 3pm) but it’s not really an option. I’d love to put that money into a fund for retirement or tuition and I’d love to live an enriching lifestyle that could be supported by $7–9k of extra spending but it is simply not possible.

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